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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ride Naked On A Bike (my incomplete list of 43 things)

My incomplete list of 43things I hope to do one day

Added to list 02-23-2010 

Put Music to my Lyrics

Create a video for my songs

Ride my bike across the U.S.

Have a breast reduction

Added to list 02-13-2010 

Graduate from college
Be debt free

Added to list on July of 2007 (that is when I joined
  1. Live in Manhattan
  2. Shower in a waterfall.
  3. Study abroad
  4. Live abroad
  5. Make love in the rain
  6. Get corrective eye surgery or Lasik
  7. Backpack through Europe
  8. Live in London
  9. Pose nude for an art class
  10. Write a book
  11. Learn to play the guitar   
  12. Live in San Francisco
Did it Done it:

Added to list on 02-13-2010
Added to list on July of 2007  (when I joined
  • Sent a message in a bottle - Read How I Did It
  • Slept under the stars 
  • Gone nude at a nudist beach 
  • Gone skinny dipping by moonlight 
  • Gone streaking

Friday, February 12, 2010


22 years ago today I gave birth to one of the most incredible women I would ever come to know....HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to change background images

It took me a while to figure it out. So I don't forget (and to pass it along) here is the link I used to help me:

Friday, August 21, 2009

08-21-09 Friday At the beach with Bran

08-21-09 Friday At the beach with Bran
Wow, Brandon and I had a blast at the beach yesterday. We arrived at about 2:30. The waves were swallowing people up (according to news this morning the waves were up to 14 feet as there is a major storm coming in). We did not go far enough for the biggest waves but far enough for many of them to knock Brandon (and occassionally me) off his feet. The kid was going under water and popping back up laughing his ass off.
We built a fort around our stuff far up on shore and later I starting packing up the umbrellas and things knowing time was of the essence before that portion of the beach was water logged (the water was coming up the shore quickly. Eventually the tide did reached our spot and just a millisecond before I was about to pick up our stuff the water hit the insulated lunch bag soaking it (it is covered in orange material but inside it contains a plastic box for storing the goodies so the food was ok).
We then rinsed off in the cold, outside, open shower and headed for the highschool to go swimming. After being in the ocean the pool water was not so cold this time.
I also had to use the bathroom and there were no lights on so I struggled in the dark, leaving the stall door open, and dropped sand everywhere when I pulled down my bathing suit bottom. I was mortified and tried to clean it up in the darkness but I know I left a mess. If I had light it would have been different.
I was trying so hard to hide the fact we came directly from the beach. Crap.
Either way we had such a great time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flooky`ala' Fribble Is At It Again

The Header Photo….    June 2, 2009 

This is a picture of the canal just a few yards from where I am living. I took it this past winter. It was frozen over and the ice started to crack and break into chunks. I chose this pic as a test pic for a new blog I was trying out but I like how it came out. It was even taken using my old, out dated, bulky, digital camera.

 Closer view of the ice chunks




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Monday, March 2, 2009

Give This Picture A Caption

Give This Picture A Caption - My Replies (originally posted on 03-02-09 at Up On The Roof )


"The last thing anyone ever saw of the giant beach lady, as she was swallowed by the ocean, was the right side of her brand new bikini top.... " - aMysteryBoxCanBeAnyThing (aka me-myself-missy)



"Sara was proud of her homegrown pumpkin that looked like an English Mastiff " - by  aMysteryBoxCanBeAnyThing (aka me-myself-missy)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *

I find joy for those who find comfort and strength in their beliefs. Everyone should have a positive means in which to survive the many challenges one might face in his or her life time, whether the challenges are mental, physical,  emotional, or financial.

My source of strength comes from the love of my children...(that and the little echo in my head of my mother saying "now do not do anything you cannot reverse").

I use to be more semi religious but recently I find myself relying less on all mighty beings and more on what I see in front of me and from my experiences. In fact I feel I can conquer my fears much better when I am not so much worried by the wrath of good or evil. To much worrying triggers my OCD.

I am more spiritual from within and knowing I am a kind and nurturing human being.

* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *

Monday, March 17, 2008

"Nobody else did this....NOBODY!!!!"....

"Nobody else did this....NOBODY!!!!".... 

...These are the very words my son uttered when he brought me home a surprise. It was a cookie he had wrapped in a napkin. "It has raspberry jelly inside"

I gobbled up my sweet surprise.

How very thoughtful of him.

Ahh, the added benefits of being a parent.


FlookyArtist Originally posted by FlookyArtist on Mar. 17, 2008 at 4:37 PM


A New Approach To Fighting Depression, CALL IN THE ARMY!!

A New Approach To Fighting Depression, CALL IN THE ARMY!!
A few of nights ago I was feeling my usual feeling of unsolicited sadness. There it was, a spirit draining moment of despair that crawled its way into my bain via a wave of chemical imbalance.

My son had wanted to play cards or something so I had to echo those words that I, as a parent, most dread to utter. "I am sorry baby, I am feeling to blah. I have the sadness in my head again".

My son is very familiar with "Mommy's Sadness". The mere existence of this evil presence has, on many occasions, left me, his dear mama, in a state of unfunctionable despair, all curled up in a ball of unmotherly dispiritedness.

My clever little man decided to rescue me from the life sucking sadness that always seemed to get in the way of our fun. So he called in the troops.

Before I knew it a handfull of little plastic army men were battling their way through the trenches of my hair. His army men had aroused a crusade to rid my brain of the anti-happiness kamikazes.

Now is it coincidence that my son knows how much I love it when he plays with my hair?

I could hear from above my scalp, deep, precise, shouts of soldiers in battle.

The words "GENERAL WE'RE COMING IN!!!" reverberated in beat with the trampling of little, fused together feet as his troops attacked and slaughtered the powerful sadness.

But amid the cries of "ARRRG" and "Kaboom" I felt at peace. The marching of the troops, and thier entanglement in the foreign war zone, that was my hair, felt good.

Listening to my son play with such passion and imagination, a game which is typical of a child his age, was uplifting, especially since it was elaborated on top of my head.

It was a ring side seat into remembering the happiness of my own creative play as a young girl.

This well orchastrated tactic of his may have lasted a total of ten minutes but within that time the reigning sadness was forced into a quick retreat.

I was left feeling empowered and enlightened, the way a mother should feel when she is raising such a empathetic and nurturing child.

It may have been this battle was won and I, for this moment of time, was able to recover from the tyranny of my depression. For this I have my son to thank.

If I thought for a moment that something as simple as a calvary of green little men could actually win me the entire war, I would recommend such to other victims of this cruel and oppressive dictator of pychological wellness, the der fuhrer of the brain, innocently known to my son as simply "Mommy's Sadness".

Think about then how much suffering would be eradicated.

If only........   

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